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exploits of three kids in the city.

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[Dec. 14th, 2006|08:31 am]
exploits of three kids in the city.
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o the internet. you give me so many options for casual encounters.

today i'll talk about a one [in car] night stand.
met some random guy [aren't they all?] on myspace. let's call him, robert. he was all about me, and kept messaging me wanting to "hang out." we all know what "hanging out" is-- maybe a little making out, some head and of course, depending on how the sexual innuendos were, penetration.
the more and more we exchanged messages, i came to find out, he had a girlfriend! [fucking azn! and ugggly...azns are either hot, or REAL ugly it's black and white with them.] and to top it off with a cherry, get this...he lived with her! so why are you messaging me? o hay! she goes on business trips so he's an asshole and wants to cheat on her. red flag, right? well, since we are in the 2000's major points for me is when they have pictures. his peen was huge, it kept me interested.
i back off a little bit when i found out the news of the ugly live-in azn gf, but he was a persistent mother fucker.
his emails came in daily and i would respond every so often when my internet lurking got old. it's always the late nights when crazy shit happens. i should learn to just call it a night and go the fuck to bed, but no, i choose to stay online one particular night and IM him for a few hours. before i knew it i was talked into just driving over to his house, downtown to meet him for a bit, because he just had to see me and talk to me in person. aka, let's bone in your car since my girlfriend is sleeping in my house.
i'm crazy right? hell yes i did it. but wtf! he wasn't as cute as his photos, but his peen was just like the pictures. some making out, led to him going down on me, to o hay! if it isn't penetration, then it isn't worth the kiss. poor bastard, i think the internet talk had him all flustered because he got off in about two minutes. he apologized and said for me to wait in two days when the azn leaves, so he can really get the job done. i agreed, just to shut him up. he gave me a hug and leaned in to kiss me, but i pulled back and did not return the kiss.
when he finally vacated my car i watched him walk back to his house and i knew i was going to never see him again. what kind of situation could that turn into? nothing great.

exactly two days later, i received a phone call telling me that he was free that day, blah blah blah. i didn't return his call. the very next day, he sent an email wondering where i was...then another email, and another. are you kidding me? i finally emailed him back telling him he was really bad and he couldn't even redeem himself, and to keep practicing on his azn before he tried to give the gift of his peen elsewhere. no response.
i hope he's practicing.